31 May 2008

Good Vibrations (of the slightly scary variety)

The Golden Gate Bridge is 8,981 feet across, and you really have to walk it to get a feel for how enormous it is.

When you do, the giant red structure, which seems more like artwork than engineering from afar, becomes a real working, moving, imperfect thing. You notice scratches and big dull spots in the "International Orange" paint. You hear the roar of traffic.

And, most of all, you feel the vibrations. The road is suspended from cables, and those cables vibrate "like piano strings," as one passer-by put it. No shock, really, since the bridge is built to handle 27.7 feet of sway in the case of an earthquake or disaster.

(some info for post came from National Geographic travel guide to San Fran ... which I highly recommend)


jlbonner said...

look at you, dude.

you tube. sea lions. suspension cables.

you've totally brought Post-a-card to whole different level ... I don't even know how to top that (or post video to Youtube) ... maybe I'll take a picture of the guy who lives down the street and makes furniture out of deer hides ... you think I'm joking, but he made a chair and used elk antlers as the arms and deer hides as the seat and back ... i was thinking about ditching the whole "I'm a fancy vegetarian now" but when that guy drove by with that chair sticking out of the back of his truck I almost threw up a little in my mouth.

jdsutter said...

It's just a more American level, I think ... and it sounds like Mr. Carcass and his furniture will fit right in.