17 July 2007

Ground Zero: no info

[NYC -- Dear Mom, There is shockingly little information to be found at Ground Zero, the site of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. A sense of emptiness and confusion hangs over this place, while Wall Street buzzes a block away. But no facts. Where were the buildings that were hit? How is the construction of the memorial and "Freedom Tower" going? No signs tell visitors. No informational pamphlets are available. An info booth stands near the wreckage turned construction site, and it is plastered with patriotic quotes and pump-up statements about the future of Ground Zero. The place seems devoid of the human emotion that haunts that day in September, 2001. And now Michael Chertoff is using his "gut" feelings to scare us that this type of event will happen again. I just hope his place soon gets the dignity it deserves. -John]

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