13 July 2007

Stick a Fork in me...

I opened the card and flipped through the comments, passages of broken Spanish my coworkers had scribbled wishing me "buenas suerte." It was all kind of depressing until I got to the bottom and saw what my boss, Todd, had jotted down in the bottom right hand corner "How do you say 'I have no money or job" in Spanish?"

i'm still laughing about it.

No tengo dinera o trabajo. signed, Jessie Lee


jdsutter said...

Congrats, Jessie! You aren't doomed. It's been like a decade since I've had my appendix taken out, or broken my arm on a Friday the 13th. Cheers to your adventure.

My office got me cheesecake, which was awesome, and our traditional "bag o' crap," which, in my case, included power steering fluid (unclear), imodium (useful) and hand sanitizer. Oh, and zebra-striped candles.


PS: I need to see a picture of your apartment/condo before you check out of it.

jlbonner said...

that's so wierd, i got a "bag o crap" as well. i'm using my "Bonita Daily News" beer coozy right now.

the pen and t-shirt were simply icing on the cake my friend.