28 July 2007

Itching the night away

[7/24/07 MAHAJANGA, MADAGASCAR --- Dear John, hater of bugs: Mosquitoes buzzing in my ears all night. Twitching. Slapping. Can’t help but panic, thanks to the threat of malaria here, and an all-too-graphic National Geographic cover story on the subject. The site of red pimples all over my body confirms my worrying, tossing, covering myself in the not-so-airtight shelter of a thin blanket. Needing a mosquito net for tonight. Wondering how to say that in French, so I can be buying it. –John]

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

John, love your site. I hope to contribute from France this year.

For your winged pests, try asking for une moustiquaire.

Hope you're taking your malaria pills...