02 August 2007

can you truly love an inanimate object?

you don't realize how important water is until you live in a country where you can't drink it unless it is purchased and bottled. me and my nalgene bottle have become quite close. we brush our teeth together. we wash our face together. and in times of thirst, i'm so happy to see it that we make out for several minutes. but seriously, the reason i love this particular water holder is because my brother cameron used it when he traveled through cambodia, africa, and columbia and when he got home i took it. i love it because it reminds me of a time when i thought i would never get to travel like he did, that i would never get to see the world as he has done. my brother is really sick now, he has lupus and both of his kidneys are failed. i know it sounds stupid, but in some respects that circular piece of yellow plastic makes me feel closer to him.

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