10 August 2007

A Suisse Army Knife life

[8/1/07 Nosy Be, Madagascar -- Dear Bratcher, The Swiss hotel manager runs this place with a raised whip:

“I have to fire one every couple of weeks, to keep them on their toes. If they are late twice – pfft – I let them go … You have to maintain their respect.”

Um, or fear.

One waitress at the hotel restaurant fidgeted while she adjusted the placement of my silverware, four times, to get it just right. At breakfast the next morning, workers dusted unused benches with their eyes up, checking to see when her gaze and reprimands would snap towards them.

All’s I’m saying is I am glad you won’t be a colonial throw-back hotel manager … that, and please, please don’t build an uber-modern Swiss hotel in the middle of a Malagasy rainforest. Just doesn’t seem fair to people here, or the environment. – SUTTER]

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