14 August 2007

No. 119 bus and Darwin

[8/13/07 TANA Dear John, Elana walked me to the bus stop this morning and told me to get on the No. 119, which drives through the center of town and then out to Ho Chi Mihn Circle (gotta love the communist history here). “You seriously have to throw elbows to make it onto the bus,” she said. I didn’t believe her then, but I do now. It wasn’t until my ninth try that I made it onto one of the buses (which are really old Mazda vans, kind of the shape of the 60s VW Bus). When the vans pull in, you have to start running with them, because a crowd of people funnels straight for the sliding side door. The buses only stop for a matter of seconds. If you’re not one of the first three people in the chute, you have no chance. Even if you have one shoulder in the door, you still have to force your way past the people next to you, because they’re all gunning of the open seat. I’m usually not one for physical confrontation – especially when other passengers have babies tied to their backs – so I don’t know exactly how I’m going to get around this city. I guess I will just have to leave a big time window for a trip across town, assuming it will take me an hour to get up the nerve to slug my way onto a ride. Or I could give in and take a taxi. But that’s not the same adventure. Love you, John PS: how’s my car?]

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