10 August 2007

a small prize for anyone who can finish a burrito de rosa ...

Rosa - see you in six weeks. love, Jessie

p.s. your burritos may be the size of a small cadillac, but they're literally the best thing i've ever put in my mouth.

when i first came to the black cat hostel two weeks ago, i was kind of at a low point in my travels. they stuck me in the room across from the kitchen (which i hated) and it smelled like guacamole (which i love) and every morning i had to listen to the head cook and her crew of workers come in at 6 a.m. to start the day.

breakfast here is free, so EVERYBODY and THEIR DOG orders it.

i would lie in my bed for at least two hours listening to how someone's cousin is pregnant, and someone else's relative is just plain getting fat. jose is working again, but paz has fallen on hard times. don't get me wrong, it's helped my spanish immensely, but i find myself more fluent in local soap operas than actual conversation.

until i met rosa.

she's the head cook, works at least nine hours a day, and tonight, on my last day here at the Black Cat, she sat down with a stupid gringa and we spoke spanish for 30 minutes. i'm leaving the hostel tomorrow to go stay with a family in Antigua as part of my immersion program, but i'll be back in six weeks. i study for four hours during the day and then i'll be at the black cat bartending at nights. free room, free food, and the company of a woman named rosa who wakes up at 5 a.m. to make food for about 90 people every day. it's really all i could ask for.

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jdsutter said...

oh my god, what i wouldn't give for a good burrito right now. i'm about as far from salsa as humanly possible.

or a job ... that would be awesome, too. gin is the same in french and english, so i could at least make my own drinks ...