22 August 2007

Sweetest snarl of the week goes to ...

[8/18/07 Dear Clanton, Man, I don’t know how you photographers do it … shoving foot-long lenses in peoples’ faces all the time. I’m envious of the self-assuredness it takes. I’m a wimp. Today, I was walking back from the post office when I saw a little girl teetering along a ledge beside the road, holding her sister’s hand for support. I wanted to take a picture, so I ran up from behind them and asked if that would be OK. They said sure, thankfully (many people here don’t, or ask for money). But it was too late. I had wrecked their moment. The little girl snarled at me inquisitively, hands on hips. Her sister flashed a perfect Crest Kids smile. I said, It’s OK, it’s OK, just keep walking like you were -- but that was asking too much, I guess. “Ignore the crazy white oppressor with a camera pointed in my face? Man, I’m only 3!”

I remember, on our trips to Tar Creek, you told me I should to worry less about intruding on people. You’re right. I’m trying. Because, within an ethical framework, the results are usually worth it. Tracy’s parents loved our story about her. – John]

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