12 August 2007

What's next, a Burger King in Darfur?

John - I don't know which is more depressing, the fact that there's a McDonald's here, or that i was so desperate for food when i saw it that i would have sold my firstborn for a bBig Mac. i wanted to save money this week so i've been living on tortillas y aguacates (avacados) that only cost me about 20 Q's at the market (about 2 dollars and 50 cents) it was roughly four days worth of food, but i'm kind of hungry now. - Jessie

smaller people = smaller meals

i'm not sure if it's just the economies or the fact that americans are the kings of consumption, but the meals here are tiny compared to anything you'd buy back in the states. it's actually really refreshing, and funny, when i see guys have to order twice just to get enough to fill them up.

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jdsutter said...

No McD's in Madagascar, dude!

Here's a kick-ass map that shows where McDonald's and Starbucks are located, as well as where Starbucks gets its coffee beans. Africa is virtually McDonald's free, looks like.