10 August 2007

Malarial dreams, round 1

[7/30/07 Dear John, I’m taking an anti-malarial medicine called Melfaquin. It’s cheap, you only take it once a week – and it has the power to make you go insane or, more likely, have really crazy, 3D dreams. Peace Corps people here call them Melf-mares. I’ve been taking the medicine for about three weeks, but I didn’t have my first “Melf-mare” until this morning. Here’s how it went:
You, the NYC finance guru, were considering investing large sums of money in a company that manufactures kitty litter boxes. But not just any kittey litter boxes. Kitty litter boxes with a swinging door that, when opened, starts playing music. The tune? Elana’s cell phone ring, which sounds like the disco music you’d play on a space ship. Her phone happened to be going off when I woke up from the dream … at the very moment that I was urging you not to buy into this horrid, annoying invention. Not that you need my financial advice.
Still kickin it on the south side. – Sutter]

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