10 August 2007

To be dirty, or to be without feeling from the waist down ...

Cameron -

So, you forgot to tell me about the electric-heated showers in Latin America. i've freaking shocked myself about 12 times. i didn't even know i was doing it until i told a friend that my arm kept going numb everytime i turned the shower on and off. one day i literally stopped feeling from my elbow down. my friend offered the following advice over breakfast the other day:

"Dude, I think you're getting electrocuted..."

i'm willing to give up certain necessities in living the traveling lifestyle. i will live in communal housing, i wander through a city fumbling through spanish as i try to find a bank willing to convert my money into local currency, i will brace myself in dealing with the ... "upfront" ... gestures latin american men use to get your attention, i will buy papas fritas from a street vendor and call it dinner in order to save money, but i seriously almost lost it with the shower thing.

just don't be surprised if my next post is from a hospital.

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