18 August 2007

A shout out from Vegas ...

[8-17-07] Dear Jarrod,

It's amazing what you can find in the middle of a desert. I was in Las Vegas at a professional convention and some friends and I ventured to the exhibit in some of our downtime. The only "predator-based aquarium" on the continent, includes more than 2,000 animals - including sea turtles, piranha, moon jellyfish and, of course, sharks - in 1.6 million gallons of seawater. I'm not a huge fan of animals. I like giraffe, and that's pretty much it. But being in the exhibit, you can't help but appreciate the beauty of these animals and marvel at Mother Nature. It's a wonder something so beautiful can hurt so badly. I just couldn't take my eyes off of these moon jellyfish. A sting from these will likely only irritate you, but stings from other jellyfish can prove fatal to humans and other animals. I knew all of this, but as I sat watching them pulse through the tank, all I wanted to do was touch one.

---Love, Talia

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