12 August 2007

note to self: exchange currency on a weekly basis

Mom -

I'm sorry, i forgot to go to the bank on friday and all i have is 15 Q's (about $2) in my pocket. it's saturday, which means i have to make it stretch for two days. i'm sorry i haven't been in touch more, and i know your probably freaking out, but just know that i moved out of the hostel this weekend and i'm finally in a house. i should be okay ... i think. regards, pequina.

i've basically been in survival mode for the past three weeks, finding out where i can eat, where i can sleep, and when i got really sick, where the closest bathroom was. i'm 24 years old and i have no problem crying to my mom about it.

but the problem is, she's not really up for it. she's sick and nobody's really sure what's wrong with her. i'm trying not to think about it, but it's difficult when someone is so much a part of me.

i just try to focus on the fact that when i told her i was going to quit my job and live in central america for a while, she was the first person who understood my reasoning and told me to go for it and not look back. in the six months it took me to save up for this trip, every month, a check arrived in the mail. it was $30 from a 70-year-old woman who lives in north Idaho on social security, someone who brought 15 kids into this world and made each of them feel special through nicknames like "pequina."

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