15 August 2007

Open if you dare...

[8-14-07] Marty- Yeah, i feel you on the whole "writing in espanol is ridiculously hard." good luck finding the the upside down question mark on your keyboard or searching on "Google en Espanol." i'm trying to do what you said and enjoy everything, but i find myself just trying to hold on.between the language barrier and the logistics of living in a third world country. there's a whole lot that i didn't even consider, such as:

A) water must never be consumed under any circumstances unless it is purchased in bottle form, which explains why everybody is walking around with cans of Fanta, a soda that looks so toxic i'm surprised the people drinking it do not spontaneously combust once it hits their intestinal tract.

B) everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, comes in baggie form. ketchup, mayonnaise, juice, you go to the grocery store and you're literally in an aisle staring at a bag o' mustard.

C) toilet paper, a product i had previously thought should be used and then flushed down the actual toilet, is to be discarded next to the toilet. i swear, i'm going to get back to the states and i'm going to go to the bathroom and be looking around for the wastebin. "Flush it? Why on EARTH would you flush it " i'll ask with this wide-eyed look in my eyes.

okay, and now for everything that goes without saying. i love you guys, i think of you often, and yes, i'm negotiating with a small guatemalan man named "Juan" for a burro i shall name "Sanchez" ... he wants 20 quetzales, but i've bargained him down to three watermelons and usage of mi bicicleta on wednesdays.

i'll let you guys know how it goes. - Jessie


Marty B. said...

That's awesome. Do you know how much meat is on a burro for only 20 Quetzales? You still have your Idaho skinning knife don't you, or did they take that at the border? Love you lots and know that you will do well there.

Marty B. said...

Hey, don't worry. Putting the toilet paper in the trash is a habit that you will grow out of quickly when you get back to the States and I mean quickly. You should have seen the look on Castle's face in Ensenada, Mexico when we told him he couldn't put the toilet paper in the toilet. Aye Caramba! Ahora viviendo la vida loca!