11 August 2007

Rooster, party of one

[8/6/07 NOSY KOMBA (LEMUR ISLAND) --- Dear Dad, I just took a boat with 29 people, two ice coolers and one rooster across a turquoise bay to an island called Nosy Komba, or Lemur Island. The rooster was, surprisingly enough, a good passenger. Maybe that had something to do with the fact that his feet were tied together with twine. When a man picked the rooster up by his feet, to take him out of the boat, the rooster craned his neck all around to see what the hell was going on. The boat was the same shape as a pirogue canoe, but was fiberglass and had a 15-horsepower motor on the back. Still not as cool as the 1960s olive green boat we used to take to Lake Arcadia. Love, John]


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