12 August 2007

i've decided to vote for the candidate who doesn't get shot...

Joe -

Remember two years ago when we were in washington covering the state of the union and finding ourselves blown away by the chaos? well, think that, times 100, in a tiny city in central america that just happens to be the former capital of guatemala.

viva la revolucion!

- Jessie

Guatemala is going to elect a new president in September, which means things are really crazy right now. i know i joke a lot about almost everything, but over dinner tonight another student told me 40 people have died so far in this election and this is one of those rare situations where humor eludes me. my tutor, Alenka, does real estate as a second job and said that tourism is really low this year because of the elections, which have led to execution-style killings. it's just a small reminder that i'm, in fact, living in a third world country ... in case i could forget.

there's other reminders, such as, the fact that you cannot put toilet paper in the toilet under ANY circumstances. they leave a waste basket beside the can ... enough said.

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