15 August 2007

Not even going to try to fit this on an actual postcard...

Day one a mi casa...

[8-11-07] John- you're truly the only person who will understand just how ridiculously funny this is. so, i moved in with my family tonight and they tell me dinner is ready and that "the other student will be down shortly." so i'm in this dining room looking at a bowl of what appears to be ramen noodles, bits of tomato, and seasoning.

in walks in the other student.

keith looks about 80 years old, with bright white hair, and i swear to god, wearing a member's only jacket. the guy sits down and starts eating, shoveling the food in his mouth, only to pause so he can cough into what appears to be a hanky he has pulled from the pocket of his jacket. he's from germany, works for a non profit, wants to bone up on his spanish. he's been in classes for three weeks. when i ask him where's he from and what he does for a living in espanol, he looks at me like i'm speaking dutch and says "what?"

i think of telling keith to just give it up, that if he doesn't know spanish by now he's pretty much never gonna get it. but i just looked at him and started convulsing in laughter at how funny the situation was. i almost started crying, after everything that's happened so far, but i decided it was more funny than anything else. i mean, i quit my job to come to central america, where i spend four hours a day wandering the city with a woman in her late 40s who really likes to take me shopping and call it "school" just because she points out the pretty shirts in espanol "ahhhh, mira. esta camisa bonita ..."

but wait, there's more.

i will now dine on a regular basis with an 80 year old who appears to have a serious case of whooping cough. he started laughing too, by the way. i think we've both lost it. so, i miss you, i'm thinking of you too, and i love the stories you're doing. peace. Jessie

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Marty B. said...

Too hilarious. I'm thinking you need to teach Keith how to say Okay dokay in spanish and then that can be like an inside joke.