12 August 2007

If you ask, they'll slaughter the chicken right in front of you ...

Talia -
Market days are Jueves (thursdsay) Martes (Tuesday) y Sabado (Saturday), which have become my favorite days of the week. food, clothing, entertainment, you name it and it's here. need a chicken? dead or alive. low on fruits and vegetables? you've come to the right place. Clothing from the 1980s? we've got you covered ... literally. - Jessie

ps. i was going to stick to our postcard "rule" and just post one pic per posting, but the market is one of the most interesting places i've ever been and i'm going to post a few more.


jdsutter said...

I love all of these pictures. I walked by a place like this on Sunday and almost stopped to take a picture of the pigs feet hanging there. But it kind of freaked me out so I kept walking ... I really can't handle eating meat when it looks like it was alive 10 minutes ago.

T Dot said...

You guys are doing some amazing stuff. it looks so freaking fantastic!

So you went to the market, but you didn't tell us what you bought. Please, for the love of God, tell me you bought chitterlings. That would make my day.

Oh, and my postcard? Definitely worth the wait.