25 August 2007

How many quetzals can you put on a human head ??

Talia, Yet another surreal moment. So, we were going over the verb "costar" today and it means "to cost." Alenka was explaining to me how the word is impersonal, that something can cost something, but that an actual person cannot cost something (a lesson i found pretty ironic coming from a country with one of the highest human traffiking rates in the world) so I teased Alenka and pointed out that according to all the gringos walking through the streets of Antigua with their adopted brown babies, a price can be put on a human head. I was totally joking and then Alenka casually said:

"Well, when my son Christian was a baby..."

Yeah, turns out someone actually tried to by her son, Christian, from her when he was a baby and she was walking through some city just south of here in Chiapas, Mexico. Her husband was a fair-skinned German and Christian came out blond and blue-eyed, which down here is kind of rare. She said turned down the offer, as if someone had tried to sell her a purse or a piece of jewelry that wasn't really her taste.I was laughing so hard at how nonchanlantly she brought it up that I asked if she might reconsider the offer now that Christian is 24 and kind of a punk. She just kind of looked at me, smiled and nodded. I couldn't help laughing out loud. here we were, in a cafe, drinking tea,and calmly discussing the actually buying and selling of a human being.

thinking of you chica, Jessie