15 August 2007

I'm pretty sure I'm going to get kicked out of the house...

[8-14-07] John - I'm pretty sure I'm going to get kicked out of the house ... and not in a cool "Real World: The San Franscisco edition" type of way, but in a more dramatic, my Guatemalan family standing on the front porch and waving as I walk away type of way ... okay, i have to type extra fast. i have class in 10 minutes and there's a lot to get down.

and the saga continues, day three with me living with the other students.

first we have Keith, the old guy i have described extensively in the Post-a-Card below this one, and today we have a new character, a middle-aged swiss woman named "Theresa" or "Tessa" depending on who you ask and whether or not she's speaking swiss deutch at the time. she has this really short cropped pixie cut and she nods her head so vigorously it appears she know what's going on, but then you ask her something in espanol and she has absolutely no clue.last night, i looked around the table and just completely cracked up.

Deli, the mom of the house, just looked at me. her son, Christian, said "ella es luna" which, and i'm not sure about this one, may literally translate to "she is crazy." but seriously John, you have to understand that I was looking around the table trying to grasp for the words to describe the following scenerio. seated at the table were the following characters:

A) Keith, aka "Old Man River," coughing into a hanky he has pulled from his Member's Only jacket and still trying to speak even as bits of food FLY out of his mouth.

B) Theresa, aka, "the head-bobbin Swede," who looks like she's either picking up on the spanish or having a serious seizure ... i'm still not sure which.

i'm watching the conversation unfold, kieth plowing through spanish, talking really fast so no one notices his mistakes, interrupting anyone else who tries to speak, and then there's tessa just nodding her head. the thought of a romance blossoming between the two popped into my head and i swear, i tried to hold it in, but failed. i just cracked up, laughed out loud even though the entire conversation stopped and every one at the table just stared at me. keith, bits of food still hanging. teresa, head bobbin stopped, looked pretty damn scared. and the mom just kind of staring at me like i was "luna."

i said i needed to study and left.

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lackofintellect said...

Is she swiss or swedish? I am lost here...

Oh yeah, it will be hot romantic love I am sure. If he's loud eating just imagine Keith in bed!

I hope you sleep well after thinking about that!